Friday, October 8, 2010

3 Months Behind

Yes, I'm 3 months behind on all things blog related. That's my life. I still don't have Photoshop so I'm sharing some unedited photos of the boys. These were taken on the 4th of July!!!

We didn't do anything special, mainly because our boys go to bed at 6pm. They would NEVER be able to stay up past 9pm to see fireworks. Instead, we record the NYC fireworks display and let them watch it on TV. They seem happy with this routine.

Love this photo of them just waiting for me to adjust the settings on the camera. So enthusiastic!

And this is how they act the majority of the time around here...

1 comment:

jan said...

The looks on their faces while waiting to have their picture taken is, come on home, hurray up! The second one is adorable.