Friday, February 26, 2010

Dino*mite Party

Nathan is 4! It's hard to believe that our "baby" is 4-years-old already. He had been talking about a dinosaur cake that he saw one day at WalMart for the 10 months leading up to his birthday, so we hosted a dinosaur party this past weekend.

Nathan thoroughly enjoyed his dinosaur cake and remained at the table eating frosting long after all of his friends had finished their slices.

Always underestimating how busy I will be, I decided to make or embellish all of the decorations myself. Will I ever learn? Probably not. These dinosaurs are from a cute digital scrapbooking kit I found online.

The 50 cent balloon chandelier decoration rocks! Oh, and it is still up, just in case you were wondering. Ryan's birthday is Monday so that's my "excuse" for not taking the balloons down just yet.

Goodie bags! Again, using the digital scrapbooking kit I quickly made up these personalized panels to decorate the plain bags.

We have about 150 more pictures from Nathan's birthday and I will be sure to post more soon...just as soon as I finish studying photosynthesis and have a chance to edit them all in Photoshop.


Dalene said...

SO CUTE. You know how talented you are, right? Happy birthday to the cutest Nathan I know.

Sheelagh said...

Looks like fun! Happy birthday to Nathan! Wow! 4 does creep up on you fast. Miss Mayzie will be 5 in less than 4 months!

me said...

ah, Nathan is just too cute! Great job on the party :)