Friday, January 15, 2010

Wish Me Luck

...and come babysit my kids.

I don't know why, but I have enrolled in school again. Just part-time, but it is sure to be the death of me. I really want to be a pharmacist, but I am a mother already. My husband is never home and it's not his fault, but it really doesn't make this easy. I have about a week to decide if I want to withdraw and wait until both kids are enrolled in school in the fall. I'm leaning toward that decision, but I'm trying my best to make this work.

The class I REALLY need to take, Biology, is the one where nothing is working online and the professor is useless so far. Oh, for clarification, my Biology "lectures" are online and my labs are in Norfolk...they begin at 7:00pm. There are no real lectures, just a couple of powerpoint pages of fill-in-the-blank sentences. Are we given the answer key? No. Does the professor answer emails? Not in my experience. Am I able to log in to the online access that goes with the textbook? No. Did the bookstore sell me the wrong book twice? Yes. Did the textbook company include the wrong online access code? Yes. Are they going to fix the problem? No.

I don't like to fail. Withdrawing one week into "school" seems like a failure to me. Not getting an "A" is a failure to me. However, I don't have childcare for my boys during the day and I'm struggling to line up sitters for them for all of my labs. Could I do this if Ryan were around? Certainly, but that's not going to be the case for a LONG time. Why can't I just look at the situation and realize that it is beyond my control and not a failure on my part? I don't know. I'll let you know what I decide...


melissa ( : said...

Good luck! I wish I lived closer - I'd be happy to tend those cuties for me!

If waiting till the fall works out better for your family - I don't think it is failing - doing what is best for your kids is always the best way to go - I say.

Tammy said...

Melissa, you are definitely not a failure! And determining you need to be there for the bys and can't deal with school right now is definitely not failure. I wish I lived closer as I would love to watch the boys for you. Good luck with school and I am sure it will work out!!

Dalene said...

I hate decisions where both options seem "good" - been there, done that. I wish I could watch your boys, too, and I am SO not just saying that. If you're stressed about it, that might be your answer. You are SO not a failure, either. Your boys are so lucky to have you and all you do for them. BTW, I have a thank you card sitting here to mail to you. We LOVE the gifts - you are too thoughtful to think of us.