Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spiders & Ghosts

Let the Halloween crafts and events begin! This particular craft has been one of the most popular crafts that I've hosted in our local playgroup. These pictures are from a park playdate, but we completed this craft again at today's Halloween party since many members missed out the first time.

This is such a simple craft! All you need is construction paper or cardstock, washable or acrylic paint, a paint brush and some wiggle eyes. When making the spider, only paint your child's 4 fingers and half way down his or her palm. You don't need any paint on the thumb. Paint one hand, press down and then paint the second hand and press down. Perfect spider! The ghost is super easy--just paint the bottom of your child's foot and press down.

Here's Ian showing off his spider handprint.

Don't forget Nathan! He was also very proud of his completed projects.

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jan said...

What a darling idea. I bet the kids had a great time doing this and the boys look so happy!