Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Little Colonial that Could

Here's a not-so-lovely photo of our house back in January before we took ownership. If you think that the exterior looks stuck in the 80's (or worse), you should see the interior! We loved the location and the neighborhood so we decided to take a chance. We chose to live in the Navy Lodge the first 2 or 3 weeks that we were here...that should tell you something.

This photo is from August. Not much has changed since August. The landscaping is non-existent and will remain so until the spring. We still need to paint the front doors and decide if we are putting shutters back on the house. At least we are no longer embarassed to pull into our own driveway.

As soon as the exterior remodelling projects were underway, the neighbors began to come out to greet us. I think they are just as relieved to see the new exterior as we are!


Dalene said...

Wow! What a difference already! Now I can finally come and visit. How about late January (if I don't go back to work just then)?

melissa ( : said...

Hey Melissa! Your boys are so cute!! Hope all is going well for you! Love the house also! Looks great!